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Rosselkhoznadzor Suspends Consideration of Applications from Tadjikistanian and Turkmenistanian Veterinary Services for Transit through Russian Territory

To enhance control of the movement of regulated veterinary products in the territory of the Customs Union the Rosselkhoznadzor proposed to the Heads of the Veterinary Services of the CIS Central-Asian countries to enter the data on completion of transit transportation of an individual regulated consignment into Argus Information System. Besides they were more than once informed that if the Rosselkhoznadzor’s requests are not replied and if no information about the consignments imported into the CU territory and transited through the customs territory of the Customs Union is received the Rosselkhoznadzor will have to suspend consideration of applications for transit of consignments since February 10, 2015.

No official information from the Tadjikistanian and Turkmenistanian Veterinary Services has been received by the Rosselkhoznadzor up to the moment.

In this context the Rosselkhoznadzor has to suspend issuing the permits for transiting of regulated veterinary consignments through the Russian territory to Tadjikistanian and Turkmenistanian consignees.


Feb 11, 2015

Categorys: Information system ARGUS , Veterinary , Import. Export. Transit