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New Fish Product Smuggling Channel from the EU Countries Detected by Rosselkhoznadzor

It is known that in November last year the Rosselkhoznadzor cut off supply channels of salmon products exported to the Russian Federation accompanied by forged Icelandic certificates.

However, fish products accompanied with forged certificates continued to be exported through Belarus. The Rosselkhoznadzor and Icelandic Veterinary and Food Service during their joint inspection found out that a part of veterinary certificates that accompanied Icelandic fish products exported from Iceland to Belarus were signed by an inspector who quit the Icelandic Competent Authority in 2011. Herewith, 19 fish product consignments weighing more than 360 tons which accompanied by these certificates were exported to Belarus in November-December, 2014. This year three fish product consignments weighing more than 60 tons which were accompanied with forged veterinary certificates have already been exported to a Belarusian consignee.

The Rosselkhoznadzor is greatly concerned about the fact that some forged certificates were dated January 31, 2015 according to information entered by Belarusian inspectors in the electronic system Argus. Unfortunately, the fact that certificates had an incorrect date was neglected by the Belarusian officials. It means that some inspectors of the Belarusian Veterinary Service demonstrate malperformfance of their duties concerning data input in the CU electronic systems and that there is collusion between officials driven by vested interests and unscrupulous foreign trade operators.

The Rosselkhoznadzor is concerned about the current situation and intends to hold consultations with the Icelandic and Belarusian competent authorities on measures aimed at establishment of a system which will guarantee safety of fish product export to the CU countries.


Jan 30, 2015

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