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Talks between the Rosselkhoznadzor and Main State Veterinary Department of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The talks were devoted to problematic issues related to product transit to Uzbekistan through Russia. The Rosselkhoznadzor is deeply concerned about multifold increase in export of regulated commodities transported from the third countries to Uzbekistan through Russia. In particular, poultry export from Ukraine to Uzbekistan increased twofold in 2014 comparing to 2013. Herewith, according to information collected by the Rosselkhoznadzor a certain amount of these transit consignments stays in Russia and is not delivered to Uzbekistan. It definitely means that unreliable foreign trade operators are trying to evade sanctions imposed by Russia against several countries using smuggling schemes. The Rosselkhoznadzor is also concerned that products illegally exported to the Russian market can be unsafe as their origin is doubtful. In this regard the parties came to conclusion that it is necessary to elaborate a mechanism of joint work in the shortest possible time which will prevent illegal product export and give confidence that the consignment approved for transit export to Uzbekistan through Russia was actually delivered to the addressee and was not marketed in Russia. 

The Uzbek party mentioned that regarding the Rosselkhoznadzor’s letter received in November, 2014, which stated the standpoint of the Service on these issues, the Main State Veterinary Department informed business operators who receive transit products about the necessity to keep a record of incoming consignments.

The parties mentioned that at the present time the best solution would be if Uzbekistan confirms receiving of products exported through Russia by e-mail. For this purpose the Rosselkhoznadzor will send the competent veterinary authority a special form in order to submit information in the nearest time.

Besides, the Russian party suggested to work on the issue related to interaction in the field of practical use of the Rosselkhoznadzor’s electronic systems and train Uzbek specialists in Argus information system which can be used for prevention of illegal export. Besides, the Rosselkhoznadzor expressed interest in the information system of veterinary control having been implemented this year in Uzbekistan.

The parties also discussed issues related to notification of the Uzbek Veterinary Service about consignments exported to Uzbekistan by the third countries. This form of cooperation has been actively used by the Rosselkhoznadzor in its work with the third countries. It enables prompt decision making on permit for product transit through the Russian Federation.


Jan 29, 2015

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