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Talks between Rosselkhoznadzor and Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation

The talks took place on July 31 in the mode of a videoconference and were devoted to the discussion of Russian – Dutch cooperation in the sphere of electronic certification. The Russian party was headed by Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor’s Directorate for Veterinary Surveillance within Foreign Trade Operations and during Transportation Vladimir Menyakin and the Dutch party was headed by Senior Policy Officer of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation of the Netherlands, Erik Bosker.

In the course of the talks the Russian party presented the Rosselkhoznadzor’s informational systems “Argus” and “Vesta” as well as the “Mercury” electronic certification system for regulated goods which were developed to automate the registration and systematize the control of imported animal products delivered to Russia and moved within its territory. Electronic systems were developed to interact with the analogical foreign projects. In particular it was noted that the best developed cooperation in the sphere of electronic certification between two countries is established with New Zealand. In this context the parties agreed that it is necessary to start cooperation between Russia and the Netherlands in the sphere of electronic certification of exported products regulated by the National Veterinary Surveillance which will enhance the protection and credibility level of export – import operations. The parties agreed to exchange the contact data of the technical experts who will continue working over this issue. Besides, the Dutch party informed about its intention to send an official letter to the Rosselkhoznadzor with a request to consider the possibility of cooperation in the sphere of phytosanitary product electronic certification. The Dutch party also pointed out that there is the National database of veterinary electronic certificates in the Netherlands and the access to the abovementioned Database will be provided to the Rosselkhoznadzor in the nearest future.

Besides, it was stated in the process of the talks that it is necessary to create a single EU system which will standardize the electronic certification process. The Dutch experts intend to discuss this issue with the European Commission in September, current year.


Jul 31, 2014

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