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Results of the Rosselkhoznadzor’s activity in state land surveillance realization relating to state authorities and local self-governments in first half-year of 2014

Officials of the Rosselkhoznadzor’s Local Administrations carried out 2242 inspections of local self-governments and state authorities during their exercise of authorities in the sphere of state land surveillance in first half-year of 2014. Inspected area was more than 4,9 mln ha.

There were detected 1272 violations on 443400 ha. There were drew up 1153 reports, issued 1155 orders to eliminate administrative offences, passed 817 resolutions of administrative offences. There were imposed fines totaling more than 8,3 mln rubles, payments added up to 4,7 mln rubles.

Also Rosselkhoznadzor’s officials pay attention to organization of municipal land control by local self-governments and advise in the sphere of municipal land control.

Rosselkhoznadzor’s Local Administrations organized 1048 conferences with state authorities and local self-governments. Municipal land control, state land surveillance and cooperation were the subjects. More than 1300 cases of advisory, guidance and information assistance were given to state authorities and local self-governments in order to improve the quality of legislation.

In spite of guidance work, inspections showed that only 1074 inspected municipalities (53 percent) have approved States and Rules of municipal land control realization. Municipalities detected 370 violations in first half-year of 2014, 256 materials were left to the judgment of Rosselkhoznadzor.


Jul 15, 2014

Categorys: State ground control