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New Outbreaks of African Swine Fever in Latvia

New ASF outbreaks in domestic pigs kept in backyards were registered in Piedruja and Kalnieši parishes of Kraslava municipality and in Bērziņi parish of Dagda minucupality. The animals were destroyed; primary disinfection of farms was carried out. The epizootological investigation demonstrated that there was no link between new cases and previously reported outbreaks. Since June 26, when ASF was originally detected in the territory of Latvia, five outbreaks have been confirmed in domestic pigs and 22 in wild boar.

The speed of the disease spread suggests the lack of the EC systemic approach to ASF control in the EU territory as the Commission keeps ignoring the risks associated with widely spread disease in wild boar and uncontrolled movement of pork products.


Jul 15, 2014

Categorys: African Swine Fever , Veterinary , Epizootic situation