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Negotiations between the Rosselkhoznadzor and Japanese Veterinary Service

The negotiations were held on the margins of the 82d OIE General Session in Paris. Aspects of porcine epidemic diarrhea spread control in some countries including Japan were discussed at the negotiations. The Russian party expressed its readiness to provide the Japanese Veterinary Service,  in the framework of international cooperation, with a support and the expert opinion on the epidemic situation in the country if necessary. Also, aspects of ensuring safety of Russian animal products exported to Japan were discussed.

The Russian party informed about the completion of the Japanese questionnaire filling in and translation of answers to it in English and the Rosselkhoznadzor’s readiness to forward the questionnaire to the Japanese Veterinary Service in the nearest future. After analysis of the answers the Japanese Veterinary Service will arrange an inspection of Russian establishments to assess safety of products produced by the said establishments. Furthermore, the necessity of setting up of the Working Group for investigation of the epidemic situations in both countries and the situation associated with radioactive contamination of Japanese fish products was discussed.

The Russian party suggested the Japanese Veterinary Service to use ARGUS, the Rosselkhoznadzor’s automated system, for animal product certification and invited Japanese experts to Russia for training in usage of the said electronic system. As a result, it was agreed to held bilateral negotiations to discuss a wide range of bilateral cooperation aspects in the nearest future. 


May 30, 2014

Categorys: Information system ARGUS , Veterinary , Epizootic situation , Import. Export. Transit