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Dear participants of Foreign Economic Activities,
We would like to inform you that under the CU legislation bilateral veterinary certificates with foreign countries have ceased to be effective since 1st January 2013 in cases if a country hasn't made a request to approve a new bilateral veterinary certificate.

If a foreign country has made such a request then the old certificate form will remain in force before the completion of a new certificate form elaboration.

In a case when there is no certificate with a foreign country or a country has made no request to approve a new bilateral certificate then import from the given country is possible only if accompanied by a unified form of Customs Union veterinary certificates.

At present the site is under revision and models of ineffective veterinary certificates will be deleted from it. But considering the delivery speed of postal items the Rosselkhoznadzor is looking forward to written requests from third countries which will be considered if they are sent before 31st December 2012.

List of countries:

European Union Congo (Democratic Republic) India Pakistan
Customs Union Croatia Indonesia Paraguay
Abkhazia Cuba Ireland Peru
Afghanistan Cyprus Israel Philippines
Albania Czech Republic Italy Poland
Algeria Denmark Iran Portugal
Angola Dominican Republic Iraq Qatar
Argentina Egypt Kazakhstan Republic of Macedonia
Armenia Ecuador Kenia Republic of South Africa
Australia Estonia Kirghizia Romania
Austria Faroe Islands Korea San-Marino
Azerbaijan Falkland Islands Laos Serbia
Bahrain Finland Latvia Singapore
Bangladesh France Lebanon Slovakia
Benin Gabon Liechtenstein Slovenia
Belarus Gambia Lithuania Sri Lanka
Belgium Georgia Luxembourg Spain
Bolivia Germany Malaysia Sweden
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ghana Maldives Switzerland
Botswana Great Britain Malta Tadjikistan
Brazil Greece Mauritius Taiwan (China)
Bulgaria Greenland Marocco Thailand
Burundi Guam Mauritania Tunisia
Cameroon Guatemala Mexico Turkey
Cambodia Guinea Moldova Turkmenia
Canada Guinea-Bissau Mongolia Ukraine
Chile Guinea (Equatorial) Mozambique Uruguay
China Guyana Namibia UAE
Colombia Japan Netherlands (Holland) USA
Comoros Jordan New Zealand Vietnam
Costa Rica Hong Kong Nicaragua Yemen
Cote d'Ivoire Hungary North Korea Zambia
Congo Iceland Norway Zimbabwe