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Rosselkhoznadzor to meet with Kazakh counterparts next week

The Rosselkhoznadzor Administration planned to hold a meeting next week with the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan responsible for veterinary and phytosanitary control. The arrangement was made during the meeting between heads of Ministries of Agriculture of Russia and Kazakhstan – Dmitry Patrushev and Umirzak Shukeev. 

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Nov 19, 2018

Inspection of Swiss Animal Product Manufacturing Establishments

As agreed with the competent authorities of Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan the Rosselkhoznadzor experts carried out inspection of 13 animal product manufacturing establishments interested in export of their products to the Customs Union territory in Switzerland from February 8 till February 19, 2015.

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Feb 24, 2015

Negotiations between Rosselkhoznadzor and EU Representative in Russian Federation

The meeting was initiated by the EU party. It was held in Moscow for clarification purposes. Tadas Briedis, Agricultural Counselor of the EU Representation in Russia, announced that Directorate-General for Health and Consumers (DG SANCO) receives lots of requests of clarification about exports of offal from Europe to Russia.  
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Dec 16, 2014

Two Health Certificates for Animal Product Import to the CU Initialed

The certificates were initialed on the sidelines of the meeting of the OIE working group for Baltic countries and Eastern Europe devoted to ASF situation. The meeting took place in Minsk. The participants initialed health certificates for export of day-old chicks, poults, goslings, ostrich chicks and hatching eggs from Turkey to the CU as well as for export of heat treated dairy products produced from cattle, goat and sheep milk from Tunis to the CU.

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Dec 2, 2014

Working Meeting of Sergey Dankvert, Head of Rosselkhoznadzor, and Igor Brylo, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus

In the meeting participated: Yevgeny Nepoklonov and Vasily Pivovar, Chief Veterinary Officers of Russia and Belarus, Oleg Arnautov and Vasily Kazakevich, Heads of the Departments for Sanitary, Phytosanitary and Veterinary Measures, Leonid Pleshko, Director of Chief State Inspection of Seed Production, Quarantine and Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, Peter Shukir, First Secretary of Embassy of Belarus, Vladimir Shevkoplyas, Vladimir Menyakin and Alexander Isayev, Heads of special directorates of the central office of the Rosselkhoznadzor, designated experts of the Rosselkhoznadzor central office and its subordinate institutions. 
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Nov 29, 2014

Meeting of Working Group for Provision Safety of Belorussian Products Regulated by the State Veterinary Service and Delivered to Russia or Transported by Transit through its Territory

At the meeting in Moscow the Russian delegation was headed by Vladimir Menyakin, Head of the Department for Veterinary and Food Surveillance in Foreign Trade Operations and in Transport, and the Belorussian delegation was headed by Aleksandr Kutsko, Deputy Director of the Department for Veterinary and Food Surveillance of the Belorussian Ministry of Agriculture and Food. 

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Oct 28, 2014

Customs Union Veterinary Certificates Stolen in Belarus

Chief Veterinary Officer of the Republic of Belarus Yury Pivovarchik notified Russian CVO and Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Yevgeny Nepoklonov that at Rayon veterinary station in Zelva (Grodno Oblast) it was revealed that CU veterinary certificates of serial number ВУ, Nos, 04-00155576 – 04-00155675 were missing. The investigation is in process. In case the Rosselkhoznadzor detects regulated shipments accompanied by the missing certificates the abovementioned shipments will be detained and the data about the owner will be sent to the Belarusian party for the investigative agencies.  

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Oct 13, 2014

Crocodile Meat Exported from Philippines to Russia

Having considered the request of the Philippine Department of Agriculture to include Coral Agri-ventures Farm Inc. producing crocodile meat into the list of the approved exporters the Rosselkhoznadzor considered that this enterprise could be included into the list of plants approved for the export of their products to the CU upon the agreement with the Veterinary Services of Kazakhstan and Belarus.

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Oct 9, 2014

FGBI Specialists Participate in the Videoconference with the Customs Union Veterinary experts

The videoconference with the representatives of the competent authorities from Republics of Belarus and Kazakhstan was held in the Department for Sanitary, Phytosanitary and Veterinary Measures of the Eurasian Economic Commission (Moscow). The participants of the event discussed the draft procedure of cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Union member-countries in diagnosis, containment and eradication of dangerous, quarantineable and zoonotic animal diseases and regionalization and compartmentalization procedures. The videoconference was chaired by Deputy Head of the Department for Sanitary, Phytosanitary and Veterinary Measures Vladimir Subbotin.  

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Oct 8, 2014

Visit of Sergey Dankvert, Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, to the Republic of Belarus

Today the Rosselkhoznadzor delegation headed by Sergey Dankvert has had meetings with Michael Russyy, Vice-President of the Republic of Belarus, Leonid Zayats, Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, Yuri Pivovarchic, Belorussian Chief Veterinary Officer, and Alexander Romanivich, Head of the State Seed Production, Quarantine and Plant Protection Inspection of the Republic of Belarus. 

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Aug 12, 2014