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Rosselkhoznadzor Held Meeting with Directorate General of European Commission for Health and Food Safety

On November 11, on the initiative of the Russian party the meeting of the delegation of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance and the representatives of the Directorate General of the European Commission for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) took place in Brussels. The Russian party was led by Advisor to the Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Artyom Daushev, and the European party was led by acting Director General for Directorate D – Food chain: stakeholder and international relations of DG SANTE Matthew Hudson.

The key topics of the meeting were related to mutual supplies of animal products.

In the course of the discussion the Russian party once again expressed its concern that the EU does not recognize the regionalization of the Russian territory for highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Despite the considerable amount of information provided by the Rosselkhoznadzor during the last few years, the issue still remains unresolved. The European colleagues informed that they will shortly take a final decision on the matter after analysis of the materials that had recently been sent by the Rosselkhoznadzor. It is also required to submit the materials on the Russian measures taken in relation to the Newcastle disease to the DG SANTE. A decision on the possibility of the poultry supplies to the EU will be made after consideration of the specified materials.

The parties also discussed in detail the authorization for the Russian establishments to carry out supplies of game meat produced in the Murmansk Oblast and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug to the EU with intermediate warehousing in other RF regions. It was mentioned that the European legislation does not provide for such logistic processes without attestation of these establishments. The parties agreed on the possibility to find the alternative way for resolving the issue by use of the Rosselkhoznadzor information systems, which provide the total traceability during transportation of animal products.

The parties also discussed in detail the ASF preventive measures taken in the EU. The Rosselkhoznadzor’s particular concern was a recently reported case of the disposal of seven dead wild boars found at one of the Danish islands without ASF testing mandatory in this case. In the opinion of the experts, such an approach does not comply with the “transparency” principle declared by the EU.

The European party once again raised the issue of implementing a systematic approach to approval procedure of the exporting establishments for all types of animal products, whereas the Russian authority informed in return that it had initiated discussion of this issue on the EEC level. The Rosselkhoznadzor representatives said that as a result of such discussions the EAEU member-countries unanimously agreed to launch audit of the system of veterinary surveillance in the fisheries sector in certain EU countries.

In the course of the meeting, the issues of plant product supplies were discussed. In particular the parties raised the topic of restrictions imposed by the Russian Federation on import of plant material and seed potato from the EU countries. The Rosselkhoznadzor informed that due to ongoing cases of detected quarantine organisms particularly within the pre-shipment control in the exporting countries, the consideration of lifting the current restrictions is unreasonable at the moment.

Besides, the issue of acceleration of integration of the Russian information system of electronic veterinary certification FGIS MERCURY and the European TRACES was discussed. The both parties positively assessed the necessity of such work. Further to the meeting it was decided to organize the meeting of the RF and EU technical specialists for continuing and activating joint work on testing and improvement of integration of the mentioned information systems. Besides, within this subject the issue of revising the export veterinary certificates in the ”EU-RF” and “EU-EAEU” formats for their further downloading into the system data was reviewed. The parties agreed to work over the above-mentioned issues fully and efficiently.

As a result of the negotiations the Rosselkhoznadzor and the European colleagues reached the conclusion of the necessity to continue bilateral contacts and routine work for addressing current issues. 

Nov 12, 2019

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