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Sergey Dankvert Held Talks with Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Republic of Belarus, Director of Veterinary and Food Supervision Department Ivan Smilgin

The meeting that became a logical continuation of the work of the parties in the framework of resolving existing issues in terms of mutual deliveries of agricultural products was held today in Moscow. The event was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development.

During a constructive dialogue the parties agreed on the need to develop a clear and understandable mechanism for regulating the transit of agricultural products across the territories of the EAEU member countries. It was emphasized that the reluctance of the EAEU Commission represented by Mr. Nazarenko to resolve such issues leads to a significant slowdown in the countries’ integration process and also complicates import and export operations. Due to lack of clear control over the transit of products prohibited for deliveries to Russia from Belarus, such goods are regularly unloaded as they are transported to other EAEU member countries in the territory of Russia. For example, dry milk temporarily restricted for import into Russia "dissolves" when moving through the territory of our country and is used for the manufacture of falsified products, which are subsequently sold on the Russian market.

The parties also stressed the need for the earliest development at the level of the EAEU Commission of a procedure governing the introduction of self-restrictions by countries - suppliers of products on establishments that supply poor quality and/or unsafe products to the EU country-member. If such a procedure is implemented, Belarus can independently impose restrictions on the establishments that supplied products to Russia, which, based on laboratory tests, did not comply with the veterinary and sanitary requirements.

In this regard Sergey Dankvert informed his colleagues about the intention of the Service to send to First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, as well as Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev and Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin a letter about Mr.Nazarenko ignoring repeated appeals of the Rosselkhoznadzor to work through the above raised issues at the EEC level.

The Belarusian side stressed that it is interested in resolving the current situation and is ready to provide assistance to the Rosselkhoznadzor in this respect.

During the talks the Russian side handed over to the Belarusian colleagues extensive materials containing information on incompliances detected in the Rosselkhoznadzor laboratories in products coming from Belarus to Russia. In response Mr. Smilgin promised to study thoroughly the information received and take appropriate measures against the incompliant establishments.

During the meeting, the parties reviewed in detail the restrictions imposed earlier by the services of the two countries, as well as measures taken by the parties to make the production process aligned with the requirements.

As a result of the meeting the parties signed a roadmap on the procedure for removing mutual restrictive measures for the supply of livestock products for 2019. According to the document, from February 14 temporary restrictions on product deliveries to Russia are lifted from the following Belarusian establishments:

- Volozhinsky production site of OAO “Molodechnensky Dairy Farm (cheese and butter);

- IP "INCO-FOOD" (finished meat products).

However the products of these companies shall be imported into Russia under stricter laboratory control.


Feb 13, 2019

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