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Nikolay Vlasov participated in the EAEU International Dairy Business Forum on milk production and processing

EAEU International Dairy Business Forum on milk production and processing was held on September 11-13 in Sochi and Nikolay Vlasov, Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, participated in it.

Among the participants were representatives of the dairy industry from Russia, EAEU countries, Moldova, France, Germany as well as management and specialists of the dairy processing and agricultural establishments, companies producing equipment for dairy plants and livestock holdings. Host of the venue was the Russian Dairy Union.

Topical issues facing both dairy husbandry and process industry and issues of dairy product marketing were discussed during the forum.

On September 12 Nikolay Vlasov held a round table meeting on the System of Traceability of Raw Milk and Ready-to-Eat Dairy Products. The Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor told about the current situation of FGIS MERCURY implementation. Within the last three months the amount of issued veterinary e-certificates has increased. Thus, in June 65 million veterinary e-certificates were issued, in July -104 million veterinary e-certificates , and in August – 120 million veterinary e-certificates.

In general the level of preparedness of the RF Subjects for complete transition to e-certification is insufficient, but there is a group of Subjects which have achieved considerable success demonstrated by the number of e-certificates issued per capita – the Republic of Mary-El, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Oryol and Pskov Oblasts.

During the meeting special attention was given to traceability of ready-to-eat dairy products as they were excluded from veterinary e-certification.

Nikolay Vlasov stated that traceability of ready-to-eat dairy products is necessary for consumer protection and milk processers have a choice: either to use individual QR-codes on each package or e-certification. Nikolay Vlasov remarked that the Rosselkhoznadzor proposed to make the package marking system an alternative – so that the processers wishing to use e-certification could use e-certification, and those wishing to use product marking- could choose another variant of informing the consumers – QR-codes. These innovations won’t be problematic for commodity distribution networks as according to the latest trends trade networks, one way or another, will have to use both ways of traceability provision.

The meeting between Nikolay Vlasov and business community was constructive. The participants of the meeting found answers to all questions associated with issuing veterinary e-certificates. They also discussed the existing methods of drug and milk powder detection in the raw material. The participants also touched upon the issue of the producer’s responsibility for production of milk and dairy products containing antibiotics.


Sep 13, 2018

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