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Talks Between Rosselkhoznadzor and National Food Safety Agency of Republic of Moldova

The Rosselkhoznadzor delegation headed by Artem Daushev, Head of the Directorate for International Cooperation and Veterinary Control of Export/Import and Transportation, held a meeting with General Director of the National Food Safety Agency Gheorghe Gaber on the sidelines of the CIS Intergovernmental council for Veterinary Cooperation. 

The talks focused on the bilateral cooperation in the sphere of mutual shipments of products of animal origin. 

The Moldovan party informed the Rosselkhoznadzor that in order to obtain a right of access to the Moldovan market for products of animal origin, Russian establishments need to procure a relevant request from an interested Moldovan importer that should demand the National Food Safety Agency to audit a given Russian establishment willing to export.

The Moldovan party also presented veterinary and sanitary requirements in force for imports of regulated goods to the Republic of Moldova. The documents will be soon published on the Rosselkhoznadzor official website.

Besides, the Moldovan party also announced that there was no need to audit the plants producing feeds that do not contain components of animal origin and feeds for non-productive animals. 

Exports of such goods can be effectuated from the establishments that passed the audit for the requirements of the Republic of Moldova by the Rosselkhoznadzor and are included in the Register of exporters of the State Federal Information System “Cerberus”. 

In the course of the meeting the Rosselkhoznadzor officers also acquainted themselves with information systems used by the National Food Safety Agency, notably, with the national system for phytosanitary certificates developed by Moldovan specialists.

The Rosselkhoznadzor officers answered the questions of Moldovan counterparts regarding the SFIS “VetIS”, particularly on the notification system for animal origin products exports.

The National Food Safety Agency functionaries underlined that once the SFIS “VetIS” was integrated with the EU information system TRACES, they would be able to document the regulated goods intended for export from the Republic of Moldova to the Russian Federation by means of those information systems. 

Sep 12, 2018

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